His House

Laban and the Last and Greatest Reformation Prophetic Series

Stream or download MP4 and burn a CD to listen to in your car while driving (for those of us who don't have time to sit at the computer and listen to audio messages).

This three-part audio series is a prophetic word from the Lord describing what God is doing at this moment in the Earth, and it is revolutionary! This is the last and greatest reformation as God does not seek primarily to revive "the church", nor reform "the church", but rather, to call out of the institutional church a bride, and the true church, or ekklesia (the called out ones) in order to build His House.

It is crucial that you listen to these messages in order, for they build upon one another. None of them were really meant to "stand alone". May these messages be a great blessing and encouragement to you as you hear and "see" what it is God is doing in this hour in the Earth.

Part 1 The Problem With the Church is the Leadership
This message examines the corruption, or the simple spiritual poverty, of the leadership of evangelical Christianity, and shows that the need for reformation in our day is as great as the need was in Luther's day. God is about to do something revolutionary in the church. He is saying to Laban, the leadership of institutional Christianity, "I'm going to leave your house, the babylonian tower of organized denominational christianity, and I'm going to build my house."

Part 2 The Preparation For Departure
Jesus is changing His attention from blessing Laban's house (the religious organized structure of the Babylonian church system) to preparing a people for Himself. This message describes the process of preparation.

Part 3The Great Wold-Wide Exodus of God's Prepared People From The Institutional Church
Perhaps millions of people world-wide are leaving or have left "the church" in obedience to their Beloved Savior's call to come out. These will be the living stones that will be used to build His House. This message examines this great exodus, and the last and greatest reformation that will bring the scattered stones together to build a habitation for God's glory, and that will usher in the end of an age as we see the restoration of all things.